Employee Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of completing my clinical fellowship (CF) in speech language pathology at CTSPS. Not only did I receive excellent mentorship from my direct clinical supervisors, but I was also surrounded by many other skilled clinicians who were more than willing to collaborate and share their experience with me. While working at CTSPS, I enjoyed a diverse caseload that allowed me to build on my clinical skills and gain competence working with a variety of adult and pediatric clients. Although I always appreciated how valued and respected I felt as an employee, this company is one that values and places the client's needs first. My experience working here has been challenging and rewarding in a way I could have only hoped for as I begin my career in speech pathology. " — Jessica (written 2016)

"I began working for CTSPS, Inc. in the fall of 2006. Over the years I have appreciated the diverse caseload which has led me to become a stronger clinician. The clinical staff have created an enjoyable and supportive work environment and the owner and administrative staff have always been sensitive to my clinical needs and preferences. As a Speech-Language Pathologist at CTSPS, Inc, I have been blessed to work with many wonderful pediatric and adult clients that have provided fulfilling and rewarding experiences and have given me initiative and drive to pursue my career further. CTSPS, Inc. has been beneficial in helping many pediatric and adult clients obtain more functional and effective speech, language, voicing, and swallowing skills necessary for a better quality of life. The success of CTSPS, Inc. has been evident for over 25 years and this company has proven to be a wonderful practice to invest your time and talent as a therapist." — Amy Ray (written 2010)

"I have been practicing for 9 years as a SLP.  I have been with Central Texas Speech Pathology Services since the Spring of 2006.  This has been the most positive work environment I have experienced in our field.  I find the integrity of the clinicians and owner inspiring and encouraging.  The setting has been both challenging and supportive.  I feel I learn and grow as a therapist with the support and guidance of fellow clinicians.  I am privileged to work for a company that values the work that I do.  It is wonderful to feel appreciated and valued.  As long as I live in this area this is where I will work.  I enjoy the variety of clients I see and the time off we receive.  As a working mother it has been a blessing to be able to enjoy a career and a family." — Dana (written 2009)

"I have been a clinician for three years and my experience at Central Texas Speech has been very rewarding.  The success of Central Texas Speech clearly begins with the owner’s leadership and the company’s focus on providing patient centered quality service. I feel fortunate to have an employer that is obviously committed to its employees. Each day at Central Texas Speech is an opportunity to build my knowledge base and experience a variety of patient populations. The encouragement to collaborate and capitalize on the varied clinical expertise of my coworkers provides an environment for me to continue to grow as a speech pathologist.   Working for Central Texas Speech is more than just a job; it’s the ideal work experience." — Mandy (written 2009)

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