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What is LSVT LOUD?

LSVT LOUD is an effective speech treatment for individuals with Parkinson Disease (PD) and other neurological conditions. This therapy approach has been scientifically studied for nearly 20 years with funding support from the National Institute for Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) of the National Institutes of Health. Published research data demonstrate that LSVT LOUD therapy supports improvements in vocal loudness, intonation, and voice quality, as well as the commonly related problems of reduced speech clarity, diminished facial expression, and impaired swallowing.


LSVT LOUD improves vocal loudness through a systematic hierarchy of simple vocal exercises. The treatment focuses on a single goal – “speak LOUD!” – to improve respiratory, laryngeal, and articulatory function to maximize speech intelligibility. The goal is not to train individuals to shout or yell, but to recalibrate the patient’s optimal speaking voice to a healthy vocal loudness without strain. Data has shown that improvements in vocal loudness can last up to two years after treatment.


Who is appropriate for LSVT LOUD?

LSVT LOUD has been successfully administered to patients in all stages of PD and with various sub-types of PD (Shy-Drager syndrome, multi-system atrophy, and progressive supranuclear palsy). However, the majority of supporting data is for individuals with Idiopathic Parkinson Disease (IPD), and suggests that LSVT LOUD treatment is most effective among those in early or middle stages of the condition.


Who is qualified to implement LSVT LOUD?

LSVT LOUD treatment is administered by licensed speech-language pathologists who have completed training and certification in the LSVT LOUD protocol. Therapists who are LSVT LOUD certified bring a holistic knowledge of communication disorders alongside their LOUD training to provide skilled intervention to address the individual needs of each patient.


How do I get started with LSVT LOUD?

Contact CTSPS for an initial evaluation to determine if you or your loved one might benefit from LSVT LOUD or an alternate therapy approach to improve communication. 


At CTSPS, we strive to develop a customized, functional therapy approach for each individual patient to ensure the best possible outcomes. This often means that sessions will incorporate principles of LSVT LOUD treatment in addition to other therapy approaches including traditional voice therapy, articulation therapy, or swallowing therapy.


For more information:

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